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Greenwich Property SearchFind Open Houses and Listings in Connecticut here.

Whether you’re looking for your next home or just feeling a little nosy about what the neighbors are asking for their house (It’s okay, I won’t tell!), stay on top of what the market’s doing and look it up!

Begin with your own list of priorities for a successful property search:
  • Where do you wanna be?
  • How close do you need to be to work, schools, shopping, recreation, houses of worship, transportation…?
  • How many bedrooms and baths do you need to keep the kids from fighting?
  • How big or small? Do you wanna have space for entertaining the entire hockey team; a kitchen with room to roll out scores of cookie dough; a formal dining room for when the boss comes over; a basement for all the plastic toys; a backyard for the Thanksgiving touch football game?
  • How much do you wanna spend?

After your first property search, try a few more and see the results you get based on what you picked. See if you’re happy with your results. If you want to know anything extra or just my take on things or…

Need help?

How did your property search go?

Now's the time for follow-up if you're ready.

What to do? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Found some homes you like? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing compares with experiencing the home up close and personal and seeing it for yourself. Call me to arrange a private home tour:  (203) 912-2080 
  2. If you’re “underwhelmed” with your search results: I often have information on properties that aren’t listed yet on this search tool. That means very few people know these opportunities exist! Call me to “get in on the ground floor”. (Sorry for the pun!)
  3. Still can’t find the perfect nest you’re dreaming of? No, you’re not being too picky (well, maybe, but I’ll tell you if it doesn’t exist in this hemisphere). I sometimes have clients who ask me to find them something special. With their permission, I search out any possibilities for them.
  4. Find something on Zillow, Trulia, or any other website? First, I’ll be able to tell you if it’s legit or not! (That’s another story…) I’ve also had clients who’ve asked me to negotiate a For Sale By Owner found on Zillow. I just ran into him at the supermarket the other day and he told me he can’t believe what a great deal I got for him!
  5. To know me is to love me. Well, of course not everyone is going to adopt me into their family but I LIVE HERE TOO.  I will inevitably run into you at the grocery store and I want you to tell me how happy you are in your home too! A quick meeting to help you figure out your next steps can help put your mind at ease.

And, by the way, remember you can always contact me for help with your property search. I can set up automatic updates for you to be notified about any change in the market. Let’s discuss the key next steps that will land you in your new home!

Knowledge is key to making your successful property search!

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