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Let my real estate experience make yours a great one!

What's Good About This?

Waterfront, new construction, single family homes, condos, tear-downs, fixer-uppers, rentals, land; you name it and I've probably sold it! Even so, I still continue to learn new things all the time. Each transaction is different, each client is unique, there are trends to follow and to avoid, markets are ever changing, and technology, well, you gotta love it and just keep up! What's good is applying all that knowledge and experience to your transaction so everything goes as smoothly as possible!
Why would you trust what's probably your biggest asset to chance?

Homes Sold by Marta

It’s so exciting to help someone find their new home or to help them sell their existing home. Either way, they get to move onto new adventures!

Buying a first home, trading up, or downsizing, a successful transaction in real estate doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let my experience make yours an easy one!

Property AddressTown/CityRepresentationAmount
45 Ettl Lane, Unit 405GreenwichBuyer$600,000
25 South End CourtOld GreenwichSeller$1,300,000
12 Cross Ridge DriveOld GreenwichSeller$1,450,000
10 Hendrie LaneRiversideSeller$1,150,000
1 Cross Ridge DriveOld GreenwichSeller$876,562
1014 West RoadNew CanaanSeller$955,000
23 Brandt RoadStamfordSeller$525,000
10 Putnam ParkGreenwichSeller$330,000
785 Sport Hill RoadEastonBuyer$753,500
8 Webb AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$1,500,000
398 West Hill RoadStamfordSeller$645,000
15 Palmer Street, Unit #13Cos CobSeller$525,000
103 Connecticut AvenueGreenwichBuyer$937,000
104 West Ritch AvenueGreenwichBuyer$850,000
323 Sound Beach AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$1,875,000
53 Edgewater DriveOld GreenwichBuyer$1,100,000
39 Beau StreetNorwalkSeller$416,000
C1B Campbell DriveStamfordBuyer$435,000
9 Nimitz PlaceOld GreenwichBuyer$1,152,500
11 Lighthouse LaneOld GreenwichSeller$3,885,000
102 Valley Road, #24Cos CobSeller$530,000
124 Willowbrook AvenueStamfordBuyer$740,000
14 Irvine RoadOld GreenwichSeller$1,538,888
28 South Lake DriveRiversideBuyer$2,125,000
1 Keofferam RoadOld GreenwichSeller$2,610,000
81 Turn of River RoadStamfordSeller$512,000
15 Palmer Street, Unit #12Cos CobSeller$547,250
102 Valley Road, Unit #23Cos CobSeller$450,000
5 Keofferam RoadOld GreenwichSeller$3,565,500
3 Mill Pond CourtCos CobBuyer$775,750
11 Knoll StreetRiversideSeller$4,700,000
43 Harbor Drive, Unit #206StamfordSeller$530,000
123 East Elm StreetGreenwichBuyer$1,115,000
25 Indian Harbor Drive, Unit #9GreenwichSeller$675,000
5 Keofferam RoadOld GreenwichBuyer$3,030,000
6 North Ridge RoadOld GreenwichBuyer$836,000
55 Lockwood AvenueOld GreenwichBuyer$1,275,000
50 Hidden Brook RoadRiversideBuyer$2,435,000
25 Indian Harbor Drive, Unit #6GreenwichSeller$607,500
44 Winthrop DriveRiversideSeller$3,875,000
1 Highgate RoadRiversideBuyer$2,637,500
59 Stirrup LaneRiversideSeller$650,000
40 Ettl Lane, #23GreenwichSeller$825,000
1 River LaneCos CobBuyer$712,500
60 Lawn Avenue, #31StamfordSeller$266,000
44 Winthrop RoadRiversideBuyer$1,250,000
30 Park AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$2,500,000
43 Harbor Drive, Unit #206StamfordBuyer$430,000
28 Sound Beach AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$855,000
37 Irvine RoadOld GreenwichSeller$1,900,000
13 Irvine RoadOld GreenwichSeller$1,743,000
72 Sutton DriveStamfordSeller$424,999
1 Little Cove LaneOld GreenwichSeller$4,195,000
7 Deer Park CourtGreenwichBuyer$4,200,000
4 Nimitz PlaceOld GreenwichBuyer$1,602,500
38 Frontier RoadCos CobSeller$1,325,419
20 Roosevelt AvenueOld GreenwichBuyer$1,100,000
10 Old Lantern PlaceNorwalkSeller$440,000
3 Old Farm LaneOld GreenwichSeller$1,525,000
15 Irvine RoadOld GreenwichSeller$3,150,000
11 Willowbrook StreetStamfordBuyer$320,000
23 Brandt RoadStamfordBuyer$628,750
21 Roosevelt AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$2,150,000
40 Ettl Lane, #23GreenwichBuyer$955,000
24 Spring Street, #24-2GreenwichBuyer$870,000
31 Old Kings HighwayOld GreenwichSeller$899,999
31 Old Kings HighwayOld GreenwichBuyer$899,999
11 Lighthouse LaneOld GreenwichBuyer$2,135,000
1 Winthrop DriveRiversideSeller$3,185,000
36 Turn of River Road, Unit #B-1StamfordBuyer$221,250
22 Radio Place, Unit #10StamfordSeller$335,000
6 Benjamin StreetOld GreenwichSeller$1,675,000
72 Sutton DriveStamfordBuyer$525,000
9 Park AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$2,185,000
28 Sound Beach AvenueOld GreenwichSeller$631,000
143 Columbus Place, Unit #3StamfordBuyer$186,500
332 Rowayton AvenueRowaytonBuyer$1,010,000
21 Roosevelt AvenueOld GreenwichBuyer$889,700
45 Edgewood AvenueStamfordSeller$452,000
91 Aspen LaneStamfordBuyer$787,500
1 Winthrop DriveRiversideBuyer$1,251,000
7 Melon LaneRidgefieldBuyer$190,000
22 Indian Head RoadRiversideBuyer$2,400,000
1 Little Cove LaneOld GreenwichBuyer$3,750,000
5 Spring StreetRiversideSeller$2,150,000
147 Barry AvenueRidgefieldBuyer$452,875
69 Harding RoadOld GreenwichSeller$1,100,000
13 Irvine RoadOld GreenwichSeller$1,350,000
507 Rock Rimmon RoadStamfordBuyer$1,150,000
22 Radio Place, Unit #10StamfordBuyer$237,500
70 Avery StreetStamfordSeller$270,000
22 Livingston PlaceGreenwichSeller$385,000
60 Alvord Lane, Unit #17StamfordSeller$258,000
637 Cove Road, Unit #C-15StamfordSeller$150,000
37 Mianus View TerraceCos CobBuyer$759,000
17 Arnold StreetOld GreenwichSeller$605,000
11 Nelson AvenueNorwalkBuyer$255,000
21 Willowmere AvenueRiversideSeller$1,120,000
51 Forest Avenue, Unit #48Old GreenwichBuyer$515,000
10 Clark StreetOld GreenwichSeller$1,380,000
165 Pine StreetGreenwichBuyer$269,000
8 Charter Oak LaneGreenwichSeller$465,100
19 Thornhill RoadRiversideBuyer$342,000
5 Spring StreetRiversideBuyer$1,399,000

Where do you want to go?

I know you have a lot on your plate. Your to-do list is longer than any tome ever written and getting the kids to their activities requires the skills of a general prepping for the Normandy invasion. Where do you see yourself landing? Let me help you get there in one piece!

Good Information

I’ll help you get the information you need to make a great decision. I’ll do my best to think of worst-case scenarios. Why? Because we can do our best to avoid them and prep for all foreseeable outcomes. I’ll help you find great resources for inspections, loans, contractors, moving, and anything else that might come up. You got this!

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From your first search to the move-in and beyond, let me help you find the house you’ll want to call home.

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