False Alarm in Greenwich

False Alarm – The Storm that Wasn’t.

After the threat of a major blizzard, most stayed indoors. The actual snowfall was only 6 inches, not the 2 to 3 feet predicted, but no complaints here about dodging this bullet. Being stuck indoors for so long, I had to get out to take a look around Old Greenwich and, especially, Tods Point. Almost all of the stores I passed were closed. Very few, if any, bothered to show up for work. The Metro North trains had shut down at 11PM on Monday night under the threat of a major snow dump and most of us were expecting to awaken to white out conditions. This really was a false alarm – the storm that wasn’t.

 Quiet Beauty in Old Greenwich today.

But as the sun rose it was evident that the worst of the storm had mostly passed us by. Unusually, train service had yet to be restored. A planned trip into Manhattan for an annual Real Estate technology event was out of the question. Happily, the techies prevailed and we had a live stream of the presentations for the entire day! This conference is the best in keeping us abreast of the best and brightest in tech for real estate. You may already be aware that the real estate industry is not cutting edge but we strive to provide the best experience for our clients who are.
In spite of a few glitches, I had my conference, a walk in the park and my favorite cocoa. So now you know why you’ll get no complaints here.

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